Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some statue that was on my way

Moskva 2 + Ilford Hp5 + Rodinal 1/200

Jardin Botanico, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A new set of drums has reserved me for now so lets see how it goes with these updates..


Anonymous said...

You know what.. You've got a great gallery. I found your blog by chance and I'm really amazed. You've got such a different.. Mhm. How to say it.. Don't know how to write what I feel.. Anyway, the way you take photos is really admirable.
It's great that such people still exist.. ;)

May I be your uninvited guest?

El Poop said...

Thanks! Allways nice to get comments! I see many people visit my blog but rarely get any feedback.
Trying my best to keep this blog alive. Im more of an outdoor photographer and this time of the year is such dark and depressing its difficult to come up with any material. Maby update tomorrow.