Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holga Close-ups

Holga + Hoya close-up lenses + Ilford HP5 + Rodinal 1/200

Some selfportraits taken with a brand new Holga. This one has a hot shoe for flash.


nucleardreams said...

hi. i'm interested with this tecvhnique you use. what mm hoya lens do you use and how do you attach it to the holga?

El Poop said...

If i remember right i used +1 and +4 diopters which i mounted using duct tape and empty toilet paper rolls. The way i calculated (which i cant remember anymore) how close to come to the object was obviously wrong but still i like this extra blurry result quite a lot.

nucleardreams said...

thanks. i'll give it a try. :-D